Carnivorous Lady plant 2017

Carnivorous Lady plant 2017
Carnivorous with her,
Snapping yapping,
Clap trapping mouth,
Sucking in victims salaciously ,
Shes exotic like tomorrow’s gossip .
Attracting them in
Crawling flying insects,
Slowly waiting for prey,
To come her way,
Luring them in  ,
With hypnotic scents and false promises
Then the temptation of tasting her nectar.
Swallowing wallowing enraptured
Trapped then captured ,
Rolled up into her,
Sticky leaves and hairs ,
Sucked into a vacuum
Defeated then secreted
tested tasted Digested
Savoured then spat out
In savagery.
She is the Carnivorous lady Plant.
copyrighted 15/09/17 Mysticladyart2017

Bullets and vipers 2017/Goddess 2017

Bullets and Vipers

So many pretty children

You should have felt blessed

That they were created strong,
But your values bred dysfunction
Not enough praise with a vipers tongue
So they hid away from everyone
Wearing  masks of intelligence
The damage was deep
The damage was done
Built with inner strength to move on
Because they were created strong
Never really trusting any one
Can you trust anyone ?
Painting flowers
Painting birds
Looking for a shepherd
When in reality
There was only vipers
Verbal bullets and snipers
So much hysteria
So  she buried her head in the encyclopedia
Memorising facts
Hoping to dissolve the past
Avoiding any eye contact
Still she survived the bullets and vipers.

Now the Tides have turned , Roles in reverse
You are weak,bones in decay Rotting away
Feeling abandoned
Needing our attention
But your damage was deep ,your damage was done
Now you are the needy one.



Beautiful Vunerable

Presidential slave

Stalked by the CIA

Singing happy birthday

Sewn into diamond gowns

Paraded around

Doped up then doped down

Groped and misold

Mind Controlled

Monarch butterfly

Handled and modified
In downward Spirals

Matahari spy

No longer any use

Years of suffering

Years of abuse

Then murdered

Put out of use

Everybody’s favourite Goddess.

COPYRIGHTED 24/08/2017

Marilyn Monroe

Wounded bird 2017/ Transitions 2017

Wounded Bird

Wounded Songbird
With injured wing
Flew through your window
By chance in spring.

She does not trust
Nor does she squeak
She does not like
To admit defeat,
Or show her fledglings she is weak.

Wounded bird
Hides afflictions and affections
Under layers of feathers
of self made protection.

Twigs in beak
Perching on her tree
Builds her nest fervently
Waiting patiently so she may heal.

Painted bird
Gathering & foraging
Fruits from her forest
as small offerings
for Bluejay as a thank you.

Caged bird
In glittered nest
Migrates back home
For wing to rest .

Hectic summer days have flown
Now she is becoming strong
Not needing much help
From any one.

Painted Bird
Autumns winds have blown
Her nests lie empty her chicks have gone
Her brood is scattered all around.

Soon cruel winter will sing his song
Songbird will not sing back at dawn
And her pretty Bluejay will be gone
In hails and storms alone once more.

Published 05/08/2017.Copyrights@ mysticladyart.


room 20

“When love walks in “
With injured wing,
Self inflicted Ailing
Her life was changing
Seasons spent in transition
Juggling too many things
That busy days tend to bring.
Suddenly limb Frozen
Crawling out from
Her comfort zone
Out of her home
To be diagnosed
With it came a sense of shock
A small sense of loss.
At first impression she supposed
Him to be arrogant and closed.
She sensed a damaged soul
A hidden energy like fire
he wore like garments of under attire
which soon melted away in sattire
Then her Broken branch
Grew into  Brilliant trees.
She was relieved to have healed,
But became attached to dreams,
Which could never be concieved.
So reality concedes
Its time for her to leave
Yet a sense of loss a time to grieve
For things that could never be
Tales left untold inside her no words to speak
time for her to retreat,make peace
Time to move on from Room 20.
Published 17/08/2017.Copyrights@ mysticladyart.
Painted bird “maybe tommorow you will loose your sorrow” Sioux/Severin.
Brilliant trees,When love walks in Sylvian/Karn

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Mariposa lilly.2017

Graceful Mariposa Lilly
Grows alone in the desert
Where hearts become hard
Winter is bleak and chilly.
In mountains of rocky granite
High ridges windswept and hilly
She survives amidst the desolate things
She spreads her petals like butterfly wings.
Embracing the unloved innocent things
In summer the forest fires consume everything
Yet she blooms again for us in spring
A delicate beauty a wonderous thing.
She survives the winter in the harshest conditions
Yet brings you beauty without permission
An unconditional mothers love
A healing gift from up above.
Different coloured blossoms bloom from a single stem
Her love will heal your soul again
In arid soil she sows her seeds
Amongst the gravel and desert weeds.
In spring her blossoms you shall reap.
There is no need for you to weep
She will nurture your unrequited needs
She only grows so that you may heal
Graceful Mariposa Lilly.
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Ghost lady ,Patchwork people, Never ending blessings of spring. 2011

Ghost lady

Ghost lady Roams,
Floating eternally,
Lamenting her loved one
Looking for her home.
Searching for atonement
Reaching out like a willowing white flame,
A wistful vapour,
Passing through endless sunrises and sunset’s
Differing phases of the moon.
Decades & eons pass

Yet she’s still drifting on
With empty open arms, waltzing alone
In grey condemned buildings
Wandering in petrified forests
Still Looking for her home…….
Her echoes materialise
Into tears of ice confused lost inside
An endless searching full of yearning
A lonely entity,
A memory lost within memories
Misplaced and whispering his name….
Disgraced and shamed
Ghost lady wanders
Through Your Dreams & nightmares
Transcending into time and space
Searching for an earthly abode
A home from home, eternal atonement,
To be reunited with her loved one.

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Patchwork people the divided self

Patchwork people coming apart at the seams,

in tatters in day dreams
Becoming pieces fragmented disenfranchised,

marginalized then institutionalized.
Here they will try to cure you,

demure you

secure you,
Empathize even lobotomize,

drug and disguise
Electro convulsive shocks to desensitize


it’s the divided self
Forced out from its cage,

collapsing in a rage,
Pushed to the brink

watch it sink

into a state of sorry decline.
It needed safety

it needed an anchor

it needed a rest.
It needed your help

but now it protests

so it created this defence
To save it’s self from neglect and pretence,

It was protecting the whole self
Before it split into cells

divided  up amongst its self
While living in fear

its split into opposing identities
Pushed to the edge,

becoming someone else,

this divided self,
Internal voices they just tried to protect,

Tried to help
But Instead you became some else,

the divided self was your final war cry for help.

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                             Never ending blessings of spring

A dark cold winter anticipating,
For longer warmer days that are coming
And all the miracles it can bring,
The never ending blessings of spring,
A time for rejoicing in new beginnings
A hope for great things, the birth of new seedlings
A time for prospering and wondering,
The soul’s meanderings a time for new beginnings
It’s the never ending blessings of spring.

all published  by mystic lady art 2011


Sugar Coated Memories and The Dissapeared (2010)

I will be showcasing more of my published poetry over the next few months after a long 3 year haitus.Thanks for reading my work and for your support and encouragement over the years.

Sugar coated memories

Sugar coated memories from the past, not meant to last
Diluted polluted, Reconstituted,
Flash backs Faded plastic,
Once fantastic, now it is something tragic,
Rained upon, Stained on, then sat on
Creased corners  crumpled and worn,
I straightened it out, tried putting it right.
Saccharin coated dreams of the past, not meant to last
Thrown out with the trash or swallowed down fast
Now it’s gone out of fashion, lost its purpose
Lost its passion, Left alone in isolation,
Someone slapped it, dismissed it
Then spat on it, in disgust
You devalued it, it escalated away from you
Out from your peripheral view, until now it is renewed
Slowly it crept back and came home to you
Staring you straight in the eye.
Now in its love you are blind,
You are painting it brightly, redefining its beauty,
Temporarily, indefinitely, one last time.

“Youth beauty and determination shall inherit the earth whilst
Bitterness, regrets and wisdom shall inherit the graves”

Cunning little she wolf

That poor little girl!

Oh she was shunned,
Misunderstood an outcome of something
That had now lost its purpose,
So she was neglected, rejected ignored, pushed aside

Undervalued it was as though she wasn’t there , they didn’t care.
When no one was looking she was thrown away
Cast aside, like a piece of chess

How unblessed !
Oh but she crawled back slowly but surely
Cunning little” she devil” vengeful resentful
She climbed faster and further
Reaching up to the daylight she survived
And laughed the longest

She laughed  the loudest!


The Disappeared

You vanished left us,

and disappeared,
In shock and in mystery,
Left a void that we could not avoid.
Cold days searching for you in regret
So to protect myself and everyone else,
I became something else someone else,
A stranger stood in my place wearing my face,
Fortified, inanimate see how cold I behave,
A different expression on my face
Lost inside empty days spent looking for news
Of the whereabouts of you.
Looking for whispers and clues dreaming of a sighting of you
Looking at the crescent moon, wishing for the former life that we were used to.
And now I wish ………I wish for this
For you to come home
For you to be alive
I’m all alone
Growing unknown a lost soul,
Becoming someone you would no longer know
Do you still exist?
Dare I resist persisting in reawakening your memory?
Perhaps you lay buried dead, rotten bones a mere entity?
You vanished & disappeared now your voice pours out from my ears,
Your touch falls out from my pockets your scent seeps out of my sleeves
Until you are all I can see, all I can hear, all I can breathe,
Because you became “The Disappeared.”

                         copyrighted published 2010



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Decomposure and daybreak 2007


mystic lady poetry written 2007

Decomposure and daybreak

All thoughts collapse

Into life’s crooked relapse,

Structures are defaced

In an abandoned place,

All time and space

Will become erased

Atoms and molecules,

Forming altered states,

Light beams fade,

Flora and fauna decays

Only the shadows

Of your face remain,

The night heaves her cloak

In melancholy disarray,

The Sun and moon disintegrate,

Silver stars they fade to grey,

Time and tide are washed away,

Sand and surf contaminates

Sins and hopes that desecrate,

Soft flesh will decompose away,

Bones and branches snap and break,

Tears sting and stain like acid rain,

  Until daybreak creeps back in again 

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