February Poetry Blogs/Black Poppy/loves reflections lost/Red emperor/Blood red roses

Black poppy poem and art Mysticladyart copyrighted 2018
Black poppy
Black rose
Black swan
Watched them one by one
Fallen now they are gone
Sent out by the richer men
Iraq Vietnam
Then back to No mans land
Black raven
Black rose
Black poppy stands waiting alone
Watched weeping as they left their homes
Husbands lovers brothers
Marching on to the beat of a war drum.
Rotting In the trenches
Or inhaling the scents of Agent orange
Wounds abhorent
The strong ones sent out to defend
Some came back As heroes and veterans
The lucky ones
With Post traumatic stress syndrome,
Broken minds broken bones.
Black poppy remembers
Her heart pours out with grief
That would engulf those men like concrete
Black raven black swan,
Black poppy stands alone
Beside their marbled tombstones.

Loves reflections lost Poem

She stumbled upon a strong and handsome tree,

In the forest accidently,

She fell down upon her knees feeling weak and dizzy,

She became dazzled by the trees strange beauty,

It was both strong yet meek,

She walked ahead of herself and took a sneaky peep,

At its contorted branches and peculiar fruit and seeds.

As she walked closer to the tree,she realised

It was damaged and defensive Its snakes hissed

When later she tried to comfort it,

What a beautiful yet insecure tree it is !

mysticladyart 2018

The red emperor Butterfly Poem

151973508926022140 (2).jpg

The red emperor Butterfly sat on the tree

Looking at me wistfully she sighed

Do you ever think we will ever make it to Paradise ?

Then I replied

“Do you think its going to be easy getting into Paradise?”

“Well not for me ” and I sighed ,

Wiping a tear from my eye.

February mysticladyart2018.

Blood red roses

151973508926022140 (1)

Blood red roses climbing up her porches,
Clambering around her front door,

Scrambling through the open bay windows,
Shedding petals on carpeted floors,
Thorny branches peeping through her keyhole,

Blood red roses creeping up her front wall

Scrawling crawling stems reaching into her hall

She thought no one was watching,

But then you slammed the door .
Art and poetry by mystic lady art 2018

Vanity and insanity

151973508926022140 (3)

I awoke suddenly

My soul it spoke to me

It said vanity and insecurities

Shall  destroy humanity

Cell by cell

Atom by atom

Molecule by molecule

With its greed wrenched insanity.




January Poetry Blogs/ Love grows in strange places/ Spellbound and windswept /Perceptions/Twinflame embers/Melting man.2018


Love grows in the strangest of places ,
In the smallest of spaces ,
In young and old faces,
Love grows over barbed wire trellises,
In dirt filled dusty crevices ,
Love grows upon barren hills in the darkest of skies,
In the lowered gazes of unsuspecting eyes,
Love grows upon stormy seas and windswept trees,

In the bold and in the meek,

In the stong and in the weak,

Those who hide and those who seek,

Those who sigh then those who weep,
Love grows through wounds scars and tears,
Love grows in unexpected places,
Creeping up everywhere.


15167857939869493 (1)

Spell bound and windswept

Spell bound and windswept

Running through the trees

Leaping through the forests

Landing on your trembling feet

Eyes are streaming  hearts are pounding

Sighing in the breeze.

Chests are heaving , rapid breathing

Buckling on your kness

Laughing with a deathly pallor

Racing through the trees,

Spellbound and windswept

Falling on your trembling feet.

Mysticladyart 2018.



She sees everything ,
She feels everything,
Yet she knows nothing.
Expects nothing from no one,
To perceive but they would never believe ,
Lives to give expecting nothing back
The singular path of the lady Empath.
Mysticlady2017 December



Twin flames sit
inside burnt black embers
Flames ignited
When reunited
Only to part
Once they remembered
Twin flames sitting in burnt black embers.
Mysticlady February 2018
Melting man
Melting into the horizon
Melting into oblivion
Melting into hills
Melting into mountains
Melting into skies
Melting into eyes
Melting into seas
Melted out of me
Melting out of the peripheral
Going going gone
Mr Right then Mr Wrong
Melting emotions
Spilling out into colourful commotions,
Mr Weak then Mr Strong
Mr Beautiful then Mr Plain
Mr Joy then Mr Pain
Melting into love ,
Melting into hate
Melting into pink
Then Melting into grey
Melted back into an illusion
Created from my  own delusions
An amalgamation of my creation,
Melting man melted into oblivion
Now going going gone.
January 2018
Thanks .


End of year poetry blog 2017. Bluejay/Buried under stone /The lighthouse.


Hi ,This will be my last blog of the year.The year has been chaotic, hectic , productive  and I have barely had time to process it all until now.After any period of transition when you come out of the other end there is always change, loss, gain and hopefully progress.

This progression is the natural state of our lives as human beings.Nothing remains the same all life is transitory the universe contracts and expands and we are all left subject to the the soft hands of bloom then decay.Many of my prayers have been answered this year and a mother’s life is always one of self sacrifice.God bless you all and I hope you have a great year next year .I have three poems which I am blogging, influences which made me keep faith in humanity and also a understanding that there is a greater good out there if we drop our guard and allow others to help us.No matter how strong we are ,we all need help  and a nudge from time to time.

 room 20

The Blue jay 

In the blue-jay I saw

A missing Jigsaw piece puzzle of myself

One that had died and morphed

Into something else someone else

Similarities in a parallel universe

Transitions and  much coincidence

A false bravado a line of defence

I put up a false pretence

I wanted to protect you

whilst protecting myself.

Aura and energy

Create a strong chemistry

Synergy symmetry

Chemical affinity


I found humanity similarity solidarity

Something quite bright something I liked

Whilst looking into the blue-jays light.

Nov 2017

*Found me buried under glass /found me switched me on .

A prayer answered

A collective consciousness

Sent me spirraling towards you

 Like going under hypnosis

Into our deepest subconscious

Caught of guard

By primitive eye contact

Left me  feeling self conscious

Invaded left me vulnerable

Woken up a from a life in limbo

 From being buried under stone.

How many of us ran away

living out of this suitcase called life

Always feeling misplaced

In transit never safe

Waiting for something to transmit translate,

The dreary outer reality

was full of angst and fatality

so you created your own inner reality

urban sanctity.

Until you close your eyes again

 to become buried under glass stone and under windowpane.

copyright mysticladyart Nov 2017


The lighthouse. 2008
Standing alone & solitary,
A silent mystery,
He is the watchman on the tower.
Solitude that never flowered,
the quiet one,
who stands alone.
Observing over the sea,
In calmness he ponders upon you and me,
A beacon of light in singular flight,
He casts his watchful eyes upon the horizon,
He is the thoughtful one, The peaceful one,
At ease in his isolation,
The harbour ,the coastline ,
all is his in navigation,
He stands proud and alone,
A reclusive icon,
The watchman in his home,
A brick and glass tower,
Solitude that never flowered,
Throwing out light he is a beacon,
The quiet one who stands alone.IMG_4272

 copyrighted art poetry by Mysticladyart 2017


The Orphanage , Back to Blackwaters,The fortress of the heart

Ive have now retired my first poetry book POETRY FOR PEACE 50 poems by mystic lady poet and have updated it with a 60 poem compilation  book titled twisted poetic justice.

available here



I shall be embarking on a complete works by mysticladyart poetry book sometime in the future probably to mark my 50 th Birthday so I have another few years of poetry in me for that yet .


The Orphanage 
The Orphange is her haunted home,
Where the ghosts of abandoned children roam,
The doors slam ,
The stairs creek ,
Through barred windows,
Tiny eyes peep.
She tries to protect them ,
As best she can,
Telling tales of Peter Pan,
Rattling metal beds moan ,
Floorboards groan ,beneath lie buried bones,
Muffled voices in undertones,
The orphanage is her haunted home,
With her name etched upon the yard Gravestone.
mysticladyart2017@copyrighted 05/10/17

Back to Blackwater.
Back to the beginning,
Back to where,
The water is black,
Growing darker ,
Deep pools ripple
In mutual silence.
Hands emerge from the lake,
They wave, they falter, they shake,
I give too much to them, Yet they will always take,
Now im back to the place,
Where the waters lie still and inanimate, Back to blackwaters again.


mysticladyart 10/10/2017 copyrighted

The fortress of the heart 

High upon the cliff edge,
Stands the fortress of the heart,
Built of concrete stone and tar
Wrapped bound protected and barred,
Never letting down its guard.

Remaining within the boundaries,
Of its citadel & inner realities
Standing fortified around your city
Your ultimate refuge and guard
Dwells inside the fortress of her heart.
Mysticladyart2017 25/10/2017 copyrighted


Carnivorous Lady plant 2017

Carnivorous Lady plant 2017
Carnivorous with her,
Snapping yapping,
Clap trapping mouth,
Sucking in victims salaciously ,
Shes exotic like tomorrow’s gossip .
Attracting them in
Crawling flying insects,
Slowly waiting for prey,
To come her way,
Luring them in  ,
With hypnotic scents and false promises
Then the temptation of tasting her nectar.
Swallowing wallowing enraptured
Trapped then captured ,
Rolled up into her,
Sticky leaves and hairs ,
Sucked into a vacuum
Defeated then secreted
tested tasted Digested
Savoured then spat out
In savagery.
She is the Carnivorous lady Plant.
copyrighted 15/09/17 Mysticladyart2017

Bullets and vipers 2017/Goddess 2017

Bullets and Vipers

So many pretty children

You should have felt blessed

That they were created strong,
But your values bred dysfunction
Not enough praise with a vipers tongue
So they hid away from everyone
Wearing  masks of intelligence
The damage was deep
The damage was done
Built with inner strength to move on
Because they were created strong
Never really trusting any one
Can you trust anyone ?
Painting flowers
Painting birds
Looking for a shepherd
When in reality
There was only vipers
Verbal bullets and snipers
So much hysteria
So  she buried her head in the encyclopedia
Memorising facts
Hoping to dissolve the past
Avoiding any eye contact
Still she survived the bullets and vipers.

Now the Tides have turned , Roles in reverse
You are weak,bones in decay Rotting away
Feeling abandoned
Needing our attention
But your damage was deep ,your damage was done
Now you are the needy one.



Beautiful Vunerable

Presidential slave

Stalked by the CIA

Singing happy birthday

Sewn into diamond gowns

Paraded around

Doped up then doped down

Groped and misold

Mind Controlled

Monarch butterfly

Handled and modified
In downward Spirals

Matahari spy

No longer any use

Years of suffering

Years of abuse

Then murdered

Put out of use

Everybody’s favourite Goddess.

COPYRIGHTED 24/08/2017

Marilyn Monroe